Sunday, April 12, 2015

Baby On Board Annoucement!


Whether it’s a surprise or the next step in the plan right on schedule, the news that you’re expecting a baby is always a big deal. As much as you may want to jump on the phone and call 25 of your closest friends and family immediately, resist temptation. Waiting and surprising everyone with an unexpected announcement is so much more fun. It's been a while that I've written but I have a pretty good excuse... I've been sick and super duper tired. We are expecting baby # 2! So now that I am feeling better I thought I would share with you how I decided to share the great news with family and friends on Social Media.

I knew I wanted to do something different so I starting surfing the internet for super cute, creative ways to announce the good news. I quickly found thousands of picture announcements. I especially loved the announcements that included an older sibling since Ari will be a big sister. Then, I realized that I wanted to make a video that included at least two pictures because I could not make a decision. Also, I have recently had a huge obsession with making videos. I decided that I would make a video that walk down memory lane of how the hubby and I met, got engaged, married and then added little ones into our life.

The video came out super cute and I had a great response that many people loved it as well. I also really enjoy watching the video and watching the hubby's and I huge milestones. This will be a great video to show the kids when they are older.

Here is the video!

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