Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gymnastics & Dance Leotards for tiny girls!

$3.89 Leotards at

Our tiny toddler loves to climb on anything she can reach and she has also mastered the art of rolling forward and performing back flips of our couch (she wants mommy to have a heart attack). Therefore, my hubby and I decided to enroll her in our local gymnastics gym. The gym offers a mommy and me gymnastics course that is supposed to promote early development and provide a strong foundation for gymnastics. The class is supposed to increased physical strength and muscle control, fine and gross motor skill development, coordination, and balance. Great we were sold!!! Our thinking was that maybe, she would learn how to safely do all of her tricks and flips. It also didn't hurt the fact that she really cannot participate in anything else until she is 3 and she would look super adorable in her little outfits. After contacting the gym for registration I was told that she should wear a leotard. In no way was this a concern since many times I've gone to the store and seen and admired all of the cute dance wear. Well, I was in for a big surprise... my daughter is 18 months but she is a very petite little girl who at this moment still wears 12 month clothes.. well folks... it's extremely difficult to locate a leotard for someone so tiny. I spend weeks and weeks searching for something...anything that she could wear to her gymnastic class. Most store sold leotards in size 2t and up (Yes, even the dance stores!). Well, my excitement quickly grew to frustration as clearly Ari probably won't be wearing 2T even after she turns 2. After weeks and weeks I finally found an awesome website that sold leotards in size 12-24 months. Not only did they sell the right size leotard they only cost $3.89!!!!!!! Awesome!!! Well, I ordered 4 of them and to my surprise they were delivered to my house only 3 days later. They also sell tutus, bows, diaper covers, and many other things and the prices are great.



The website only had two selections for the little girls each selection came in 4 different colors. I bought three of the colors they also have white. For $3.89 you cannot ask for more. They fit perfectly, and my little gymnast is ready for her classes.

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