Friday, September 13, 2013

Iphone Apps for Toddlers

Technology is all around us so its no surprise that our very young children love to interact with every gadget available. They love to play games or watch videos on our computers, iPads and iPhones. I am definitely not opposed to kids using technology, especially when it helps to keep them occupied and entertained in necessary situations.  The waiting room of the doctor’s office, anyone? Or while you are driving and trying to focus on the road. Or perhaps you are trying to buy some groceries. Anyone that has a toddler understand that a few minutes of quite means a very good shopping, waiting or driving experience. It makes total sense: our kids are designed to mimic us (their parents) and when seeing us with our iPhones in our hands or pockets half the time, Ari decided that she wanted to do the same. At first it was all about just pressing the HOME button for fun. Then I got a “bright” idea to download a baby app. It was the end of life as we know it. Enter the world of Toddler iPhone use. Therefore, in the last few months I have downloaded a few more app for both my iPad and iPhone that I consider to be live savers. Here are the top apps that we love.

Scribble Lite
 Scribble Lite- Toddlers love to draw colorful pictures. Turn your iPhone into a miniature sketch pad. Draw your masterpiece, then shake to erase. With tons of colors, pen sizes, and draw-on photo options, the possibilities are endless.

Alphabet Animals
Alphabet Animals- Perfect for a toddler, this game is packed with colorful animations, animal sounds, and tons of tips for learning their letters. Every child should get an early start to literacy.

iTot Toddler Flashcards-Just like traditional flashcards, iTot Toddler Flashcards teach the names of animals, foods, and other objects, as well as the alphabet and numbers. You'll get hundreds of beautiful cards in this simple application. And with language support, iTot Cards can teach these words in French and Spanish, too! Great app for building vocabulary.

MakeitPOP- Great app that will allow your young toddler to practice their fine motor skills. The balloons need to pop.

Laugh & Learn: Where is puppy?- Great app that practices naming the body parts with a cute little puppy. A good friend of our gave Ari the Laugh  Learn Puppy so its nice to have the puppy and then she sees the same puppy on the app.

Laugh & Learn:  Shapes and Colors- This app is great for practicing shapes and colors with your kiddo. Learning is done through interactions with animations, sounds and sing along songs!

What are your favorite Apps for toddlers? Share... I am always ready to try new things!!


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