Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baby Room...

My 18 month old!

Ari is 18 months old and I continue to read, that a toddler bed should be in our near future. However, I cannot help to be sad that my baby is already a toddler. Well, I started thinking that maybe I would want to redecorate and turn her room into a big girl room. I have this idea of getting her a big girl bed and painting her room a pretty gray color with light pink decorations. I want her room to be girly but something that she can grow with. Immediately, I began to pin ideas on Pinterest and got super excited about decorating again. I decided to take some pictures of her current room set up for memories and then realized that I am not ready to part with the baby room just yet. I want to hold on to my baby a little bit longer and keep the room the same way as the day I brought her home. I remember being pregnant and wanting a bright colorful room for my baby girl. I love Owls and thought that would be the perfect theme for the baby's room. It was perfect then and it is still a perfect room for my baby girl. Maybe the room will remain for a few more years. Decorating will just have to wait a few more years!!

Ari's precious baby room!

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