Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gymnastics Classes

Today was Ari's first day at Gymnastics! I wanted to capture this moment so I asked the hubby to attend so that he could take pictures of Ari as she participated in the class. Registration was quick and easy, and the woman I spoke with was very friendly. The sitting room (viewing room?) was stuffed with parental types watching their gymnasts of various ages through a giant clear window.  First, we gather in a circle to do fun stretches, sing and dance to songs and took turns showing off our rolls. Next we moved on to the circuits where each child learns jumping, balancing, swinging and strength through various stations. Ari definitely loved the trampoline and the foam pit. She avoided the balance bean and refused to even touch it. Overall, I think its worth placing little Ari in Gymnastics. I cannot wait to see all of the things that she learns from Gymnastics.


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