Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daddy does hair too!!

Generally speaking my husband stays away from our daughter's hair. He'll wash it and brush it as needed. I suppose I was not very surprised by this behavior as I do not believe I have seen many fathers happily do their daughters hair. I understood that he would do the basics and did not expect him to whip up some really cute braid hairstyle. Our daughter has a head full of curly hair so it is not the easiest to managed. On Monday, when I picked up Ari, once again her hair was in a big poof. My husband finds the little fro with a headband to be his favorite hairstyle. Maybe because all he has to do is condition and go. I too love her little fro, but her hair is getting so thick and curly that the cute little fro is now massive. I decided to tell my husband that it is time to actually do our daughters hair. This is was our conversation:

Me: Babes, you really need to do Ari's hair. She always looks crazy when I pick her up.
Him: Well, you need to put out enough bows. I use whatever you put out. (Mind you I don't always put bows out).
Me: You can part her hair and do two ponytails on top and two on the bottom part.
Him: That's a lot of work.
Me" Really! Two parts... you don't even have to braid, just put the hair in a ponytail.
Him: We shall see.

Okay fast forward to yesterday morning...I received a text message with these picture.  
I thought it was pretty good and was glad that he actually listened to me. Then, I read his Facebook status...
Status says: My work. Big ups to the moms who have the patience to part/path their daughter's hair. Man oh man. Love u Cynt Curry

Okay, so I have to say he did a great job even if he thought it was difficult to do. Apparently, Ari wouldn't sit still. Maybe, I should have told him to get her some toys to play with while you do her hair. Now, I know that he is capable of doing her hair so my expectations are now higher than ever :). I was once again reminded that I am so lucky to have such a great dad for my daughter.

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