Sunday, September 29, 2013

Family Vacation!

Many people feel that wealth, a successful career and material possessions define your happiness. However, for me the crucial ingredient to a happy life is spending quality time with my family. This weekend was by far one that I will never forget because it was our first official vacation as a family. We've travel before but for specific reasons; graduations. weddings, birthdays and so on. This time we left our home and venture out on our own for no other reason than to enjoy one another. I was told once that children learn about families from the time they spend in their own families. Therefore, this weekend was hopefully a great learning experience for Ari. We started our weekend with Mommy & Daddy time, we got a couples massage at  Essential Spa. Then, we went horseback riding for the first time. This was an interesting activity considering my horse (Mufasa), decided to take a de-tour and sit on a bush in the middle of our trip. But overall, I am safe and sound so not too bad for the first time.

After our interesting horseback riding we got something to eat and headed to watch a movie before picking up Ari.  Afterwards, we drove to Orlando for our family vacation. Andre (Hubby) purchased a Groupon for Coco Key Water Resort, we thought it was perfect because it included a water park and it was located in a great area with plenty of additional activities to do and many restaurants. It turned out to be a great deal. I can see why many families go to this resort for the weekend. It is definitely a place for families to spend quality time.  

After a fun-filled Saturday at the Water park we headed to Universal Studio on Sunday morning. The hubby and I purchased year tickets months ago but only went to Universal to attend their concerts.  We decided it was time to go during the day and experience the park with our baby girl. Universal was so much fun it was like Andre and I were kids again. We had a reason (Ari) to want to take pictures with every single character at the park. Having kids gives you the okay to do things you always wanted to do but felt weird doing-like getting super excited about the characters and wanting a picture with ALL of them.

Ari was not very fond of all oft he characters but towards the end she started to warm up and even started giving the characters a high five. After watching the parade at Universal we headed back to reality. Quality family time does not need to have a specific agenda or planned activity. This time can be spontaneous and varied in length from a few minutes to several hours depending on the situation. This weekend was the perfect quality time that I needed with my hubby and little girl and I am thankful!


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