Monday, September 9, 2013

Potty Time!

           Let the fun begin! Well ladies and gentlemen, the potty training has begun. Ari's preschool begins to introduce the potty to the kiddos at 18 months. Since Ari is the youngest in her class she is the last baby to be introduced to the potty. Day after day she has observed her friends going to the potty and for the first time last Tuesday she was able to join the fun. The excitement on her face was priceless! For the rest of the weeks she got to go to the potty just like her friends. She was introduce to flushing and washing hands and she definitely felt like a big girl. When she got home she eagerly would say “poo poo,” and head straight to the bathroom. The hubby was super excited at first until he realized that nothing was happening she just wanted to sit on the potty and feel like a big girl. As first time parents we continued to entertain Ari until both of us decided she was playing with us.

            Some people say that the best time to potty train your child is at 2 ½ and that you should wait on the signs. Therefore, I decided to review the “signs” and see if Ari is truly ready. Here are the Potty Training Readiness you should know according to Staying dry for 2 or more hours, sticking to a regular schedule, being able to take off pants, having the ability to get to the potty, interest in the potty, and communicating when she needs to go. I must be honest I have not really paid that close attention to Ari’s behaviors towards the potty. I know one thing for sure she loves the potty now!
  1. Dry for more than 2 hours- Yes
  2. Regular Schedule-For the most part.
  3. Able to take off pants- No
  4. Get to the potty-Yes
  5. Interest in Potty-Yes, Yes and Yes!!
  6. Communicating-Yes and No (Ari is able to communicate but I am not sure she knows/understands why).
          Ok, so overall I think we had a few signs of readiness but, I also believe its to early to tell. I believe there is no harm in trying to introduce the concept and seeing how your child reacts. However, to my surprise her teachers text me with the cutest picture of little Ari saying that Ari pee peed in the potty. Yay!! OMG could this really be happening so fast?? Ari's Great Grandma had purchased the Fisher-Price Cheer For Me Potty Seat that provides realistic toilet .This Fisher Price baby potty seat can be used in two stages. While the first stage is a full potty on the floor for the beginner with an easy clean bucket, in the second stage the seat and lid come off and snap onto the adult seat to help transition to the 'big' potty. The baby potty seat also includes a retractable toilet paper roll holder and a chrome flush handle that clicks when used, to make your child feel like a grown-up. I was eagerly waiting for us to get to use this potty. However, she has no interest in this super adorable potty. Instead she wants to struggle with the big potty.
 Immediately, I send Andre to get two potties, one for upstairs and one for downs stairs. I wanted the basic potty that goes on top on the big potty. So, we ended up with a potty seat  no bells or whistles but Ari loves to go and sit in the potty!
 I will continue to update our journey to being potty trained!

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