Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Toy: Review of the Sizzix Big Shot Machine

Having Ari has definitely  ignited my creativity and need for new "toys" to accomplish my long list of DIY projects. My older sister is super crafty and I figured I could follow in her footsteps. A few weekends ago I attended a friend's baby shower. Her mom always plans all of the parties and for good reason she is super creative and all of the parties come out adorable. I finally decided to ask what machine she used to make her banners and cupcake toppers and she told me she used the Sizzix Big Shot Cutting and Embossing Roller Style Scrapbooking Die-Cut Machine. Of course I needed the machine because Ari's birthday is right around the corner and I rather make things than pay someone a lot of money for it.
Click on picture to go straight of Amazon to see all of the information about the Sizzix

My Sizzix Big Shot Cutting and Embossing Roller Style Scrapbooking Die-Cut Machine just arrived and I could not wait to start working on Ari's birthday party DIY projects. This machine is of high quality. The Big Shot has clear, simple instructions for use. One can purchase a variety of embossing and die cutting tools to use with this unit, not only Sizzix brand. I loved the fact that the die cutting "framelits" tools are around $10 which is not bad considering other machines will cost over $50. I purchased the Framelits 8 Die Set, Circles to be able to make the cupcake toppers and a cute banner for the cake table. This Big Shot came with the multi purpose extended platform, which is excellent for everything from the Framelits to the large dies and embossing, etc. I love this machine and I am so glad I decided on this one to get. Now I can do plenty of DIY projects for my little one and also for friends. I love it so much that Ari's cupcake toppers are completed and they came out super cute!
 The Monkey Love cupcake topper images were made by Moodzonline an Etsy shop and I purchased the pink, green and blue card stock from Michaels. Click on the picture to go to Moodzonline.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bridal Shower Cupcake Dress

Yesterday I made this cute cupcake dress for one of my friend's little sister. Great idea I found on Pinterest. I realized that I've neglected my baking a little and making this yesterday has sparked my need for baking again. Now plans are in motion for more baking!

How to make this: 

27 vanilla cupcakes
Two pearl strings could be found at Michaels for $1
Pretty bow also found at Micheals. The bow could be exchange with whatever you like. This bow came in two in the scrapbook area. It was beautiful. The extra bow using to make Ari a pretty bow. 

P.S. Make sure you frost after the cupcakes are placed together. 

Bye Bye... Pacifier!

So, I never thought that the usage of the pacifier would be such a big deal in my house considering that Ari only had the pacifier during naps and bedtime. It's been a month and we have officially gotten rid of the "paci." In January we noticed that Ari was becoming very obsessive about her pacifier. She began to hide the pacifier in her shirt, pockets and even diaper (ewww). It got to the point that I would need to pat her down every morning to make sure that she was not sneaking any pacifiers to school. Therefore, one day the hubby could not find the pacifier because Ari had misplaced all 20 pacifiers so he told her that he would look for the pacifier but she needs to go night-night. That night she fell slept without the pacifier and we decided that it was time to finally get rid of the pacifier. If your child loses her pacifier, don't tear the house apart looking for it.  If your child asks where it is, explain that you can't find it. This is exactly what we did. For 3 days she would ask for her paci and we would explain to her that we couldn't find it. After all she did misplaced them all over the house. The next day, I enlist her preschool on assisting us by getting rid of the pacifier we left at school and having them give Ari the same explanation that we use of could not find the pacifier. A month later we are now completely free of pacifier and she doesn't even ask for it anymore.

Even though I am excited that the pacifier is GONE. I can't help to be sad as well because this is another milestone that reminds me that my baby is growing up way too fast.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Post Valentines Day!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I have absolutely neglected my blog. However, I have made myself a promise to set aside a specific time every week to write. I feel like in the past few weeks my baby has changed so much and its such a little lady. Plus her birthday is around the corner and she will be 2 already!

Valentines Day isn't just for lovers. It's a perfect day for the snuggle- and smooch-fest with my little toddler: Cool cards! Yummy treats! Red hearts! OMG! This was Ari's first Valentines Day at school so I had the task of buying Valentines Day treats for her 11 classmates. Then, I was notified by her teacher that no candy was allowed. No Candy!!!!! So, I went straight to my favorite place on the Internet... PINTEREST. I found the cutest ideas of using bubbles with a tag that reads, "You blow me Away." The coolest part was the person that shared the pin shared the pdf file of tags for free so I only ended up paying $3 for the bubbles at Target.
Check Out my first Valentines craft!