Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bye Bye... Pacifier!

So, I never thought that the usage of the pacifier would be such a big deal in my house considering that Ari only had the pacifier during naps and bedtime. It's been a month and we have officially gotten rid of the "paci." In January we noticed that Ari was becoming very obsessive about her pacifier. She began to hide the pacifier in her shirt, pockets and even diaper (ewww). It got to the point that I would need to pat her down every morning to make sure that she was not sneaking any pacifiers to school. Therefore, one day the hubby could not find the pacifier because Ari had misplaced all 20 pacifiers so he told her that he would look for the pacifier but she needs to go night-night. That night she fell slept without the pacifier and we decided that it was time to finally get rid of the pacifier. If your child loses her pacifier, don't tear the house apart looking for it.  If your child asks where it is, explain that you can't find it. This is exactly what we did. For 3 days she would ask for her paci and we would explain to her that we couldn't find it. After all she did misplaced them all over the house. The next day, I enlist her preschool on assisting us by getting rid of the pacifier we left at school and having them give Ari the same explanation that we use of could not find the pacifier. A month later we are now completely free of pacifier and she doesn't even ask for it anymore.

Even though I am excited that the pacifier is GONE. I can't help to be sad as well because this is another milestone that reminds me that my baby is growing up way too fast.


  1. Yet another milestone - you have many many more ahead of you!

  2. What a cutie! Congrats on losing the paci. So many more milestones to pass- enjoy each one.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely enjoy every moment.

  3. Great tip! She's so cute! So funny that she would hide the paci in her clothing!