Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Mondays! Vol. 2


 I've been busy and it totally slipped my mind  that I needed to post last Monday and I definitely didn't want to do on any other day of the week. As I was reading to my daughter I realized that I need to update her choices of books. I usually place three books by our rocking chair for her to choose from. However, lately she has been stuck wanting to read The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Mommy is very tired of reading the same books. Then I realized how many cool books Ari has. Below are the books for the week.

Mommy Hugs by Anne Gutman
I am a little bias to any books that demonstrate how much a Mommy loves her babies! Each page in this books demonstrates how a Mommy loves and snuggles with their babies. I love how the vocabulary is great for young children. For example it names the name of the babies Kitten, chick, cub, calf etc. Each animal shows a form of affection for their off springs- "Mommy swan hugs her cygnet with a cuddle." This is a great book to act out the forms of affection!

Eyes, nose, toes and peekaboo! by DK
I found that they are many of these type of books. Little ones love to play peekaboo so why not integrated with the love of reading. When I purchased this book I was trying to find various was to practice learning body parts. Ari LOVES flap books and touch and feel books and this book has it all! Great way to teach that animals and even their dolls have some of the same body parts.

Mommy Hugs by Karen Katz
Let me start by admitting that I have become a huge fan of Karen Katz books. The illustrations are super cute and she teaches various concept in a fun and loving way. This Mommy hugs focuses on the different typed of hugs that I mommy may give in any given day. It starts with one hugs and count all the way to ten. Great way to practice counting as well. (Again, I am bias to mommy books :))

Five Little Monkeys Jumping of the Bed by Eileen Christelow
This by far was one of Ari's first favorite books. She had a wonderful time echo reading.  Ari was learning and I did not even know it. One day as I was reading the book she started repeating and anticipating what I would say next. Ari even started to mock my hand gestures as I read.  I think books that have expressive, repetitive lines are sensational.

Peek-a-Boo! by Joseph R. Ritchie
With Halloween in a few weeks this books its super cute. The baby Looney Tunes go trick-or-treating and each of the baby Looney Tunes wearing a mask. After lifting the flap it will show you the Looney Tune behind the mask. Again what babies do not love to play peek-a-boo!

:) Happy Reading!

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