Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Mini Photo shoot!

It’s the end of October already! This month was a bit of a reflective month for me.. I almost felt like an observer in my own life. I’ve been thinking more about planning and being more “intentional” with my time. I’d like to set a few goals. There’s only so much time and OHhhh, there are just so many things I’d like to do and try especially this holiday season. Well first things first, photo shoots!. I love for Ari to do Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas photo because this is my favorite time of year. We all know that toddler photography can be a hard. They never want to sit still, meltdowns can happen in an instant and they can scream at the sight of your camera, or begin to act really silly because of the camera. That sentence is my 19 month old in a nut shell. Toddler photography is all about capturing them in their element. Lifestyle photography is my go to form of photography for Ari at this point because she does not sit still or smiles when prompt to. Therefore, for her fall photo-shoot I used the same photographer that I have used for the last year. She does an excellent job with lifestyle photos especially with my very, very, very, very busy toddler. Before the shoot I was very nervous that Ari was not going to  participate but to my surprise she loved playing with the pumpkins and Amy caught every moment so the photo-shoot came out super cute! I searched and searched for an outfit that was not Halloweenished but still fall and as I was running out of options I found this super cute dress with matching headband at Gymboree. At first I was worried because I am not a flower person but the colors were AMAZING!

Her ourfit and headband came from Gymboree.

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