Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter and New Traditions!


Easter 2014 was pretty fun I must admit. Ari actually got to hunt for eggs and she really did enjoy the egg hunting.  Easter kind of crept on me and I was not quite prepare for it. Originally, I wanted to plan a super cute Easter egg hunt for my close friends and I. My hopes were to start new traditions that could be completed year after year. However, do to a lot going on it completely passed me by and I decided to search for other Egg hunts to attend. The first egg hunt that we attended was done by a recreational center. They had super cute games to play, face painting, bounce houses and of course the Egg hunt. I really loved that their egg hunts were divided by age groups so Ari was in the 0-2 egg hunt. This turned out great because it was her first egg hunt and at first she didn't quite understood why everyone was running but quickly she got into it.


On Easter my friend Tamasha and I made big plans to attend one of the biggest Easter celebrations in our area but it was not what we planned. First, we were late and completely missed the egg hunt and then, the lines were super long to the point that we only go to participate in a few activities. So... we ended coming home and having our own little egg hunt at my friends house. After our adventure, we decided that we will start this tradition and next year instead of trying to find other egg hunts we will have our own. The funny part is that we went right after Easter and purchased a bunch of eggs and goodies on clearance to use next year. I think a nice Easter brunch in our preparation will be nice as well. I am super excited for next year!

Here are some of my ideas so far:

1. Egg Hunt
2. Host an Easter Brunch
3. Record Family Dyeing Eggs
4. Create Easter Arts and Crafts
5. Snapping lots of pictures of course!


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