Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treating was a Real Treat!
Costume was purchased from (Click on the picture to go to the purchasing site)

It was Halloween time and the day and night was full of excitement! Well I couldn't wait to go trick or treating this year. Our little Ari is now 19 months so we expected this year to be super fun since she can talk, run up to doors and kind of understand why we keep knocking on strangers’ doors and getting candy. Every parent wants Halloween to be fun for all, but with toddlers it can be a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised that Ari was able to run to doors actually say, "Trick or Treat and follow by saying Thank you!" Before last night, I asked a few mom friends for some words of advice when it came to having a great Halloween with toddlers, check out the suggestions that I was given and some that I learned on my own.

1. Bring a stroller or a wagon along. If you have more than one then the wagon may be the better option.

2. Practice before leaving the house. For example practice knocking on your own door and saying, "Trick or Treat."

3. Take photos before going Trick or Treating. You want to get pictures of their cute costume in bright lights not in the dark.

4. Make sure they are well rested especially if you are going to stay out past their normal bed time.

5. I put Ari's costume on early and let her play in it before we headed out. I was surprise that the remainder of the night she did not attempt to take it off.

6. Go trick or treating with friends who have children similar in age. The older kids are not going to want to wait on the little kiddos.

7. Very important.... teach your kids manners. Teach them how to say thank you!

8. If you stay in a humid state like Florida always have bug spray. We learned this lesson last night!!

9. Make sure to have a smaller and lighter basket that your little one could carry. The regular round pumpkin basket became too heavy for little Ari to carry.

10. Have fun!

Here is Ari on Halloween!




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