Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Arianna is 2!

I cannot believe that my little baby girl is officially 2 years old. Times flies! Even though I think I am beginning to get baby fever I am pleasantly ok with just enjoying watching my little diva grow into such a remarkable little girl. Now that things have settled a bit and I am enjoying my spring break I have time to give an update on Ari's 2nd birthday party. Overall, I am pleased with the turnout of little Ari's birthday party. This year I wanted for the hubby and I to truly enjoy the day with our baby girl and also with our guest. Therefore, we decided to go with Monkey Bizznes a local in door playground that with a fee could be rented out. It was such an organized celebration and the hubby
 and I got to truly enjoy the festivities!!! For the first hour the kids (and adults) played their little hearts out and the second hour we went to eat pizza and sing Happy Birthday to my precious little Ari. After a week of practicing how to blow a candle Ari was successful at blowing her own birthday candle. She truly enjoyed the fact that everyone was singing happy birthday to her...she loved the attention.


Even mommy had fun!


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