Monday, March 3, 2014

Disney's Pirate & Princess!


Yesterday, for an early celebration of Ari's 2nd birthday I took her to see PIrate & Princess live. I even had the hubby go buy Ari a Sofia shirt. I have to admit that I was very worried that Ari was not going to sit still. I imagined myself dragging a crying child out of the forum. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Ari sat there in pure enjoyment watching the show. 
I don't think she even blinked! It made me realized that we need to watch the Disney channel more often so she can become more familiar with the characters. I have to admit I was super excited to start attending super cute events with my growing girl. Overall, I give the show 4 stars. I think the Princess part was shorter than I expected. Also, the only princess that really took a part in the show was Sophia the 1st. Cinderella was on stage for for maybe a minute. Besides that the show was super cute and cannot wait for our next show. 
Afterwards we tried to take a picture of four 2 year olds... that was almost impossible (lol). 

Fun times! Let the memories continue...

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