Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Photography is Getting Better!

When Ari was a baby I always took hundreds of pictures of her. Anytime she had on a pretty outfit or was playing with something I was there with my camera taking pictures. Then... she became mobile and all that, quickly ended. Taking photographs became a very frustrating task and she was super FAST. Therefore, the picture dwindled and I mainly left the photography job to the professionals. Now, Ari is almost three and she is still very fast but I can now convince her to take a picture by telling her we can go see her best friend Kennedy. This past Sunday, I scheduled our family yearly photos with Amy our photographer. I had it all planned. Two beautiful dresses for my little princess, daddy's bow ties and even mommy had matching dresses. Sunday morning, was not the day I planned for. Ari was in a horrible mood, it was raining, my shoes were very uncomfortable and daddy had to work earlier than expected. Let's just say our photo shoot did not turn out great. I haven't seen the pictures yet so we will see if Amy was even able to get a great photo. After coming home from our very frustrating photo shoot, Ari took a long nap and when she woke up I decided that the super cute dress would not go to waste. I decided to do my own photo shoot in my backyards. To my surprise my photo shoot went surprisingly well and the pictures came out adorable. I realized that day, that my photography skills are getting better. I always talk about taking a professional photography class to learn all of the "official" things about my camera but then life happens. In the meantime, I research, go to Pinterest and watch videos and this has made a difference so far. Now, I really need to take a class! In the meantime, I share with you the photos from our shoot. They are not edited at all so tell me what you think.

Dress is a Rare Edition from Macy's

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