Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Samsing Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 7.0

Lately, it seems like everyone is having a holiday Giveaway. At first I remember thinking this is silly and that I would never win anything. Then.... viola I won! Jennifer from shared a blog about her current reading list and the new tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab Nook 4 that she used to get a lot of the reading done and then to top it off she was having a giveaway for the tablet to one of her readers. I was shocked to get the email from her stating that I won. Instantly, I became excited to have a new toy to play with since I am an avid reader. I was also excited about some of the features that it provided like parental control since my two year old is into electronics and manages to find all of the things that you do not want her to find.


A week later it was here and I immediately fell in love with my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, is basically a repackaged version of the existing Galaxy Tab 4 7.0. Well, almost, the 7-inch tablets comes pre-loaded with $200 worth of free content, and the core Nook offers a better reading experience than the regular Nook Android app. If you would like more information about this tablet you can go to Barnes& Noble. I just wanted to share my favorite thing about the tablet so far (I am sure I will find many other things I love).

Since I have a two year old, I have to share everything with her. My daughter and I love to read so immediately I began to download books that my daughter would love (Frozen of course). To my surprise many of the books had multiple options: Read By Myself, Read to Me & Read and Record. Pretty cool, mommy doesn't even have to read some of the books. However, the last option in my opinion is the coolest option. You can actually record yourself or anyone in your family reading the books. Since most of our family is out of town this was a great option. Ari could be read to by her grandparents who are all out of town, aunt and uncles or even my husband and I when we are busy. Ari got a kick out of my first recording and even though I thought I sounded funny she didn't seem to mind at all. The best part was how easy it was to do that even my two year old could do it. I cannot wait until she actually begins to read because I will then record her cute little voice reading her first book and keep it a great memory.

Check out the video of Ari reading her Frozen's book that was recorded by herself. Yes, she is making up the story.

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