Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cell Phone pictures solution!

Thanks to Jennifer from, I finally found something to do with the thousands of pictures that I take of Ari. She introduced me to the wonderful app of This wonderful application allows you to print up to 100 pictures from your iPhone. The best part is that in a few days you will received a really nifty 4x6 book with all of the pictures of your choice. The book also provides the date and time and date the picture was taken. However, I did find out that if you choose a picture that was edited they will send you the original print not the edited. Overall, I still think this is a great day for $2.99 you can receive 100 prints! Thanks to Jennifer for introducing me to this wonderful app. If you would like to try it and get your first book for free, you can use the code they gave Curry39. Enjoy! :)

YOu can use my code to receive a free book: Curry39
Ari at 2 weeks old!
Ari's first smile caught on camera!


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