Monday, January 27, 2014

Ari's 2nd Birthday!


Due to the many changes in my life I have neglected my blog but I think I am back in the swing of things. My baby will be 2 in March so let the birthday celebration planning begin. I decided way back that I wanted her birthday theme to be monkeys since she loves to climb on EVERYTHING!! Therefore, I decided on this super cute Monkey theme.
I absolutely love the colors and thought it would be perfect and then... we realized that having her 2nd birthday party at Monkey Bizness would be absolutely perfect. Let me explain the fact that I wanted to make sure that this year I actually enjoy her birthday and not have to do anything. Last year her birthday celebration was at the park and the hubby and I spend the entire day catering to people or setting up. Therefore, we both agreed that we wanted to find a location that would do everything and all we needed to do was show up and bring a cake. Ari loves to play at Monkey Bizness and its "Monkeys" so it was the perfect location.
Monkey Bizness is an inside play area where the littlest kids (ages 6mos-7yrs) can truly “monkey around”!  With colorful, interactive and exciting play structures of all shapes and sizes, kids will never get bored of climbing, bouncing, swinging, sliding and basically just play in the comfort on an air conditioned place!

Click on the pink to go to the ETSY shop!
Going along with the theme I managed to find some super cute things on (I LOVE ETSY).I order her invitations and a super cute shirt.
I did customize the shirt to have a monkey instead of the lollipop to go along with the theme.

Click on the pink to go to the ETSY shop!

I love to plan birthday celebrations its just a bitter sweet that my baby is already turning 2!


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