Monday, July 7, 2014

Little Ballerina Dance Camp

Today was little Ari's first day of dance camp. Her class is Tiny Ballerinas two and three year olds. Once again I had a difficult time locating a leotard that fits because of little Ari's petite body. Finally, I purchased one on Ebay and it came in today and fit perfectly so she didn't need to wear an oversize one since the smallest Danskin comes in is 2/3 which is way to big if your daughter still wears 18 months. I am thinking that hopefully by Christmas we will reach the 2/3 sizes.

Before we headed out to class I decided to take some pictures with the super adorable book that her God Mother Stacy gave her. The super cute book explain all of the different position in ballet and also what to wear. It was an absolutely perfect gift!

The first day of Dance camp was a bit scary for Ari. Since it's summer camp the classes are way larger than the typical classes. Therefore, as we arrived over a dozen mini ballerinas and their super excited parents were in the studio. I believe this was a huge shock for Ari because she shut down and immediately wanted me to pick her up. She refused to participate or even get down for a while. Eventually, she began to feel a little comfortable and I think she began to see how much fun the other little ballerinas were having that she started participating. Then they began playing Let it Go in the studio and by then she was fully engaged. It was super cute to see how focus she was towards the end. I hope that she gets excited about dance classes and Wednesday is not so much of a shock for her. Either way, mommy had a great time dressing her up and watching my little princess take her first dance class even if for the majority she didn't participate.

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