Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dance Camp Progress

It's been 2 weeks of dance camp and I thought I would provide an update on how little Ari is doing. I was very worried that little Ari would not participate since she tends to be shy at first but to my surprise she is doing better than I expected. Now that does not mean perfect lol! Last Wednesday she refused to do anything for the first 15 minutes but hen she warmed up and did great the rest of the time. She actually loves the technical part of the dance and is not a big fan of the silly parts. Overall she is doing great for a two year old. I love to see her try new things and learn new things!

After two weeks, I had enough pictures and photos to make a Magisto video and OMG I love it. If you have not heard of this awesome app you need to download it. It makes super adorable videos using your pictures and videos. Check out my new video Dance Your Heart Out! 

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